We Buy Any Car. Is it a scam?

We Buy Any Car. Is it a scam? If it sounds too good to be true then its probably is, well we have all heard the phrase! I am selling a car, a 56 plate Saab, I’ve put the details in online at we buy any car.com and received my quote back for £4300.00, not quite what I wanted but it seems like a safe and fast way to sell a car without the fear of dealing with time wasters and scam merchants at my home. Oh by the way I had previously put all the details into the same web site 3-4 weeks before and it came back at £4800.00. Nevertheless I booked appointment with the Local Borehamwood office which is in the Safe Storage building on Stirling way, got all my details and paper work they needed together and arranged for someone to follow me for the lift home. I was met by one of the company representatives and drove the car to the rear of building where he carried out his checks. For a 4-5 year old car it has no major damage, a slight scrape on the side of the bumper and one of the alloy wheels had marks on one of the spokes. The other marks that he pointed out were so minor a cloth, polish and t-cut would have removed them had I had the time (but I assumed their ‘expert’ would have recognised this). Anyway time was trucking on and we went back to the front of the building and up to his office. He then started put his information into his computer, the click click of the keys continued, a couple of questions were asked, then more clicking. I knew then with every click of the keyboard another £1 being reduced off the price. Sitting there waiting for his sales pitch and the inevitable reduced price, I was working out in my head the minimum that I would accept just to get it all over and done with. Then he hit me with it £3600.00, far less than any of the 2 ‘on-line quotations’. “Why”, I asked, “ that’s £700 less than the second quote and £1200 less than the quote 3-4 weeks ago”!, “well”, he said, “ its done 9000 miles more than you said”, ( I didn’t have the car in front of me when I was putting the information in on line, but as a car of that age would it make such a difference). I also forgot to put in online that the car had a full service history book stamped and up to date, but you guessed it no bonus points for me there! He tried to justify the reduced price quoted with the minor damage the car had. Needless to say no deal was done and I left with my car and a complete waste of my time. Needless to say if it sounds like it’s too good to be true – it probably is. If anyone else has had this wonderful experience with “we Buy Any Car.com” please comment.

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19 Responses to We Buy Any Car. Is it a scam?

  1. Thanks for the warning. Their reputation goes before them – but somehow these companies still make lots of money!

  2. katie says:


    Katie here from webuyanycar.com. Sorry our service wasn’t for you.

    Our business simply offers people the chance to get a valuation from our website. You are not in any way obliged to accept this. It is simply the price we would be willing to buy your car at, taking into consideration a range of factors such as car make and model, condition of the car, age, mileage (what we ask you to provide on our website) and market factors. Unfortunately sometimes the information provided online doesn’t match with the car’s details or condition on inspection and this is when we might need to alter our valuation. This seems to be the case from what you have said above.

    Thanks for writing up your feedback.

    I hope you manage to sell your car,


    • Jon says:

      HAHAHAHA Listen to the wriggling and squirming. Give this person another 12 months working for this company and I’ll wager she’ll be the whistle blower on the devious dealings….

    • Jay says:

      Total rip off avoid like the plague! Put in my 02 plate Ford Ka that has done 31000 miles from new with full service history in mint condition worth in a private sale £2000….on line valuation £700!! Are you having a laugh! Took it into Ford and they offered me £1500 in a p/x deal saying “this is mint, its one of the best Ive seen in a long time”!

      Dont let these cowbiys take you for a ride….

  3. ciao!,
    thanks for the information, it was really help me a lot.^_^

  4. john says:

    this guy did give wrong detials but it would not make any diffrents they still alter the price it is a scam thank friends

  5. Chris says:

    webuyanycarS is the website you need to be aware of they are fraudsters that make a living off the back of webuyanycar… finance outstanding they wont pay it

    private plate on your car they will sell it

  6. Jon says:

    We buy any car is a scam pure and simple. Its in the same vein as the gold scams and the used mobile phone scams going on right now. You only have to ask yourself. Where and how does the company make its money for all those flashy ads if its not from the seller of the vehicle or whatever. In a falling market I suppose sellers should really be keeping all eyes open for the scams and not be pressured into anything….

  7. This is a good read and i like the responses from you all. With motorcycles we, as i am sure many of the “will buy your XXX” sites out there do our very best to give good service.

    • Alan says:

      Good service went to sell my GSXR 750 k5 last year 3200 miles on the clock full dealer service history and not a mark on it got a quote from webuyanybike over the phone for £2300 which wasless than half the true value of the bike

      So beware

  8. Andy G says:

    Stay well away, no-one from the North West of England who knows anything about them will have anything to do with them, they are owned by a firm called Carcraft based in Rochdale who have a history of ripping people off for years. There’s no way that you will get anything like what you’re car’s actually worth. Put a classified add on Ebay and you’ll get far better results.


  9. Mike Gibb says:

    Brings a whole new meaning to the word shyster. I received an offer for my car and asked for an appointment. They couldn’t give me one at my local depot as the “manager” was on holiday. I offered to take it to another depot but was told to wait for another 10 days until the local one reopened. Then on the very day that they had arranged an appointment for – AND BEFORE THEY SAW THE CAR – the valuation dropped “substantially”. What a coincidence. What a bunch of chancers. I’d rather push my car over a cliff than deal with this lot

  10. king matin says:

    2000plate merc E-Class. good working order with year MOT and tax. no dents or problems. private sale worth £2000. infact i sold it on E-Bay for £1700

    WeBuyAnycar?….. offer… £70, yes thats right…. £70. i said to the chap il give you £70 to p*** off!

  11. I’ve done some searching around, because there are other online car buyers out there. I’d recommend shopping around to find the best offer your make, model and mileage.

    Personally, I found Trusted Car Buyers offered me the best deal for my old BMW 3 Series. But, you’ve definitely got to check it out for yourself.

    Hope this helps.

  12. James \Pint /car salesman in mercer pa says:

    such crap their new phrase should be we rip any any any body off off off such a joke

  13. david glassock says:

    I have been looking and contacting we buy any car .com I have a totally immaculate one owner 2010 1.2 vw polo for sale 19700 miles it has dropped in price with them some £1400 over a period of 8 weeks or so now they want to offer me £5.055 absolute scum bags I would rather burn it hope they all drop dead .

  14. jiminliverpool says:

    £720 quote online for an MG ZT 260 V8 SE … Disgraceful and exploitative

  15. Kay says:

    I got a good deal on my 4 yr old Astra – The dealer had offered £3,500 in P/X . WBAC offered £4,278. The whole process was quick and easy and there was only a small reduction to the on line valuation for a fault I had not spotted on one of the wheels. Would use again as much easier than trying to sell myself .

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